Help clear out the gunk in your blackheads

Bye bye, blackheads. Get glowing skin with the Skin Gym Porie Pro, designed to help deep clean your pores and reveal your most refreshed, radiant complexion. This tool features 4 interchangeable attachments to clean different areas of the face, attack blackheads and unveil the stunning skin underneath.

Workout Instructions:

1. Cleanse face with warm water to open pores
2. Choose a suction attachment and insert filter
3. Press power button to turn on the device
4. Press +/- to change the suction levels
5. For Blue/Red Light: After selecting your suction level – you can hold down the + for the Blue LightHold down the – for the Red Light

Wipe down your Porie Pro after each use. Remove the attachments after each use and wipe them down with rubbing alcohol.

Cleaning and Care