Stimulates collagen whilst infusing active ingredients directly into your skin for immediately visible results.

No downtime, virtually painless, and performed safely in the comfort of your home.

Quickly boost the appearance of your skin and feel confident at any age for a fraction of the usual clinic price.

5 Reasons Why Everyone Is Using Qure Micro-Infusion System

The ”dull” to “dewy” at-home facial your skincare routine is missing that saves you hundreds of dollars.

Up until recently, Micro-Infusion was only performed by cosmetic dermatologists as an expensive in-clinic facial. Often used by Celebrities before a big even to get ‘red carpet ready’ skin

Now, you can easily and safely perform it from home, in less than 5 minutes for 15x less than the average clinic’s price.

Saves time, money and hassle of attending in-clinic treatments

Quick and easy 5 minute facial booster with no downtime

Perfect before a big event to instantly enhance your skin

Safe to be performed from the convenience and comfort of your home

Increases absorption of serum by 300% for better results

Treatment serums customized to your skin targets your specific concerns

Dr. Pen Ultima A6S Benefits

  • Powerful motor 16,000 – 18,000RPM giving you greater surface area coverage.
  • The only Dr. Pen that has a 42 pin cartridge; perfect for use on the body.
  • Built-in LED Display Screen and six-speed settings
  • Smart Memory that remembers your usage patterns to give you the ultimate in customized treatment options.
  • Dual powered – use with a plug-in adapter and 6-foot cord, or wirelessly with two batteries for portability. 

Microneedling with the Dr. Pen Ultima A6S is proven to improve the appearance of

• Signs of aging
• Scars, such as acne, surgical or other textural irregularities
• Stretch marks
• Fine lines and wrinkles
• Hair loss and Alopecia
• Enlarged pores
• Hyperpigmentation and Melasma
• Sun damage
• Rosacea
• Uneven skin tone
• Loose skin
• Dull/dehydrated skin

Microneedling helps promote

• Anti-ageing
• Smoother, more radiant skin
• Brighter complexion
• Hydration
• Minimises the appearance of pores
• Even skin tone
• Hair growth
• Firming and tightening skin
• Healing
• Production of collagen and elastin
• Production absorption

The needles create tiny micro-channels on the surface of the skin. These tiny micro-channels stimulate a healing response in the skin, which includes increased production of both collagen and elastin. Having more collagen and elastin causes the skin to become firmer, reduces scars gradually, and smooths wrinkles over time. The Pen can be used multi-directionally, so the microneedling treatments can be performed on any area of the face, neck, neckline, stomach, thighs, buttocks, or scalp.

How does microneedling work?

Important: Microneedling cartridges must be sterilized before each use to ensure the treatment is safe and hygienic. It is essential to follow these steps carefully to ensure that the microneedling cartridges are properly sterilized. Here are the steps to sterilize microneedling cartridges:

How to use the Dr. Pen Ultima A6S Plus Microneedling Pen:

  1. First, ensure that you have all the necessary equipment for sterilization; gloves, isopropyl alcohol solution (70% or above) and a clean container to hold the solution.
  2. Put on your gloves to avoid contaminating the cartridges during the sterilization process.
  3. Check on your cartridge; ensure the needles are in perfect condition (i.e. not bending) and remove any debris.
  4. Pour enough alcohol solution into the container and dip the cartridge needle into a sterilization container, then soak for a couple of minutes.
  5. If you have alcohol solution in a spray model, you can spray it towards the needle head of the cartridge.
  6. Once the sterilization is complete, allow the cartridge to air dry before using it.
  7. Finally, your cartridge is ready for use.


• On open wounds
• On acne or irritated skin
• Please refer to our instruction guide for a full list of contraindications

What's Included

1 x Dr. Pen A6S Microneedling Pen
2 x Lithium-ion batteries
2 x 16-pin cartridges for Dr. Pen A6S
10 x Extra cartridges (BONUS pack worth $55)
1 x US Charger adapter
1 x USB charger cable
1 x Instruction manual

How Does Microneedling Work?

As we grow older, the cycle of new skin growth slows and less collagen and elastin are produced. This results in fine lines, wrinkles and dark spots (pigmentation).

Applying creams and serums on your face may succeed to moisturise the outer layer of dead skin, but no penetration takes place to the living part of the skin. The active molecules are simply too big to pass through the ultra protective epidermis layer.

Dr Pen creates “micro-channels” these are tiny punctures in the skin causing micro trauma, the body then creates a healing response promoting new collagen and elastin growth.

Microneedling allows deeper penetration of serums and ingredients resulting in higher efficacy, meaning you get more out of your serums than traditional application.

The depth setting used should be tailored to the area you are treating for example skin around the eyes is thinner and more sensitive than that of the cheek, therefore you should use a lower depth setting around the eyes. It also comes down to experience of use and confidence. Higher depth settings should only be used by professionals, if you are unsure consult with a dermatologist or doctor. Our guides and site content are not intended to substitute the advice of a trained physician or licenced health care professional.

Most Dr. Pen microneedling pens have a speed range of 1-5. As a general rule, the faster you set the speed on your microneedling pen, the deeper the needle will penetrate into your skin. Lowest speeds are recommended if you are a beginner.

If using the pen on sensitive areas such as the face, lower speeds can help you achieve more precise control of the pen. When working on the body such as scaring or stretch marks a higher speed works well, this can be built up gradually.

Further guidance

Only ever use a cartridge once

Skin Preparation and After Care

Make sure skin is cleansed and dried before treatment begins. To ensure the proper healing avoid the sun for prolonged periods of time and always apply SPF. It is also advisable to avoid swimming for the first 24 hours after treatment.

Which Dr Pen A1 Cartridges?

9 & 12 Pin – These cartridges are ideal to improve acne scars, wrinkles, fine lines, melasma, rosacea, hyperpigmentation and collagen induction. Some people will opt to use a numbing cream on prepped and cleansed skin. Ultimately this depends on the depth, experience of the user and if they are using the device for a professional treatment or as an at home treatment.

36 & 42 Pin – These cartridges are ideal to improve skins hydration levels, visibility of stretch marks, visibility of large pores. These higher pin cartridges are good for treating larger areas. As with the lower pin cartridges some people will opt to use a numbing cream on prepped and cleansed skin. Ultimately this depends on the depth, experience of the user and if they are using the device for a professional treatment or as an at home treatment.

Nano – These cartridge types stay in the epidermis. They are great for BB Glow treatments, to improve skin tone. Also to combat fine lines, help products to penetrate the skin more easily and can encourage hair regrowth.

Nano cartridges can be used more regularly which makes them ideal for use at home and will not require any numbing cream.