Bring your skin, and confidence, into a brighter future. With just three minutes per day, treat acne, fine lines, wrinkles, dark spots and more without leaving your couch.

Get in-clinic results, for a fraction of the usual in-clinic cost.

Customize every treatment on 5 different facial areas to treat your specific skin concerns.

Compatible app to customize, schedule, and monitor your treatments.

Smooth fine line and wrinkles

Clear and prevent acne breakouts

Even skin tone and fade dark spots

Calm redness and reduce inflammation

Lift and firm sagging skin

Promote a healthy, glowing complexion

6 Skin Health Benefits of Qure LED Light Therapy

It’s time to stop feeling self-conscious and regain good-skin confidence so you can feel like yourself again.

Until recently, LED Light Therapy’s skin smoothing and firming power was only available as an expensive in-clinic treatment. Now, you can access the same technology, and enjoy the same in-clinic results from the comfort of your own home.

A portable, at-home LED light therapy treatment that is scientifically proven to change your skin for the better. That makes you feel better, too.

Choose between three treatment modes, “Anti-Breakout”, “Anti-Aging” or custom treatment zones. Each treatment mode utilises a combination of market-leading light wavelengths to treat a multitude of skin concerns deep within the skin, where even the best creams and serums can’t reach.

Get all the skin firming, smoothing, clearing benefits with just 1 device.

LED Light Therapy Mask Is Unlike Any Other Skincare Device

smoother facial wrinkles and fine lines

Fine Lines & Wrinkles

Reduces depth of wrinkles and smooths fine lines.

Stimulates natural collagen for firmer, fuller skin.

Calms redness and promotes a healthy, glowing complexion.

improved skin tone and enhanced smoothness

Pigmentation & Inflammation

Soothing, anti-inflammatory benefits reduces redness and inflammation.

Fades pigmentation and dark spots for more radiant, even-toned skin.

Heals and rejuvenates skin, helping with sundamage, hyperpigmentation.

reduction of acne breakouts

Acne & Breakouts

Reduces acne and prevents future breakouts by eliminating bacteria.

Heals and fades post breakout marks for more even tone skin

Rapidly reduces inflammation and regulates oil production.

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Dermatologist Tested & Approved

Proven Results, Backed by science

Confident skin starts here.
Just ask the internet.

Use the healing power of light to achieve clearer, youger looking skin so you can feel more like yourself.

Safe, clinically proven wavelengths of light penetrate the layers of the skin at various depths to trigger natural cellular reactions that treats skin concerns from the inside out, for immediate and long lasting results.

The same technology used in professional clinics by dermatologists, giving you in-clinic results conveniently from home, without the clinical price tag.

Proven to work, targeted treatments for your specific skin needs.

Stimulate collagen production, naturally

Smooth fine lines and wrinkles up to 87%

Clear acne up to 83% and prevent future breakouts

Even skin tone for healthy, glowing skin

Daily quick 3 minute personalized treatments

Proven results, backed by clinical research

Clinical-grade LED, personalized to your skin. See transformative results in less than 12 weeks.

Mobile App

Your skin is unique, so your treatment should be too.

Qure’s LED Light Therapy Mask comes with a companion iPhone/ Android app.

Select from our range of treatments across five different facial areas to treat and target what your skin needs today. So you can help prevent breakouts on your chin while smoothing the appearance of “crow’s feet” at the same time.

You’ll never miss a treatment with Qure mobile app planner and phone reminders.

Step 1

Download the Qure Skincare app and follow the instructions to set up your profile. Then turn on your Bluetooth and pair your Q-Rejuvalight Pro Facewear with the app.

Step 2

Wash and dry your face prior to use, removing all makeup. Then place and position the Q-Rejuvalight Pro on your face and adjust the strap so it fits comfortably.

Step 3

Open the Qure Skincare app and customize your treatment by selecting which treatment (Anti-Aging or Anti-Breakout) you want on 5 facial areas. Once programmed, then press start.

Step 4

The treatment will automatically turn OFF after 3 minutes. Remove the Q-Rejuvalight Pro from face and clean with wipe. Then follow Qure All-In-One Face Serum or your regular skin care routine.

How To Use Our LED Mask?

Tested and recommended by world-leading Dermatologists and Skincare Experts

Pain-free with no downtime and suitable for all skin types


Natural, fast working, chemical-free skincare treatment

Transformative results in as little as 12 weeks

Dermatologist test and recommended

The beauty of clinical results from home - minus the ‘clinical’ costs


Q-Rejuvalight Pro LED Mask

One-time cost investment

$529 $329
Daily treatments gives you clinical results that is equivalent to regular clinic sessions – for a fraction of the usual cost. Your money is saved back after you skipped three clinic visits.

saves you time

comfort and privacy of your own home

unlimited treatments

only 3 minutes daily

no ongoing payments

In-Clinic/ Dermatologist

Per 6 session treatment cost

$300 – $900
Professional treatments are effective, but multiple, regular sessions are required to see long term results – these are expensive and time consuming.

time consuming commute to clinic

when (if) you get an appointment

limited treatments

requires regular clinic visits

on going payments required


Hands-free, cordless and rechargable

Light Colors

Each wIth specific skin benefits
Circulation & Protects Collagen
Reduces Wrinkles & Redness
Boosts Collagen & Firms
Sun Damage & Pigmentation
Acne & Breakouts

App companion


Customizable treatments

Hands-free, cordless and rechargable

Treatment Time

Full face


$529 $329

Got questions?
We got answers.

The Q-Rejuvalight Pro Facewear has a total of 5 clinical-grade wavelengths of light for the best results:

  • Infrared light (880 nm): Not visible to human eyes but it penetrates deepest into the skin for amplified results. Increases circulation, protects existing collagen and enhances product absorption.
  • Deep Red (660 nm): Accelerates skin healing to fade and prevent scarring. Builds collagen to diminish wrinkles. Helps to repair sun damage and age spots.
  • Red (630 nm): Anti-Ageing properties. Stimulates collagen and elastin production, firms and plumps skin, repairs skin cells and promotes hydration to help reduce inflammation, redness and rosacea.
  • Amber (605 nm): Reduces appearance of dark spots. Soothes skin and calms swelling and inflammation.
  • Blue (415 nm): Anti-bacterial, eliminates and prevents acne breakouts. Soothes and calms skin.

Every individual may respond differently to specific wavelengths of lights and results will depend on the goal you want to achieve. However, with daily use, you should be able to see improvements in 4 to 12 weeks. It is important to take “before and after” pictures to document your progress.

Results will be subtle and it is important to set your expectations right. This is not magic and results do not show overnight. Results are cumulative, frequent daily treatment is the key to seeing results at all.

Most users see a reduction of acne breakouts and redness after 2 weeks.

Smoother lines, improved skin tone and firmness after 10-12 weeks. With continued positive results of skin improving overtime. For the best results we recommend at least 12 weeks of daily use.

Everyone can benefit from LED light therapy treatments. Anyone, at any age, with acne-prone skin can benefit from using the Q-Rejuvalight Pro – to both treat acne and pro-actively prevent it.

When it comes to anti-ageing, we recommend prevention rather than correction, so anyone can start to incorporate red therapy light used by the Q-Rejuvalight Pro into your skincare regimen in their early twenties to help protect collagen for long-term healthy, youthful skin.

1. Cleanse face and ensure no residue is on the skin before wearing the Q-Rejuvalight Pro to ensure nothing is acting like a barrier for the wavelengths of light and to allow for maximum penetration

2. After your skin has dried, place the Q-Rejuvalight Pro Facewear on your face and program your customized treatment via the Qure Skincare App.

3. Once the 3 minute treatment is complete, remove the device and apply desired topical serum and/or moisturiser of your choice. Wipe down the Q-Rejuvalight Pro and store it inside the provided bag until next use.

It can be used day or night. You can fit it into your current skincare routine after cleaning and/or exfoliating your skin.
After the 3 treatment is complete, follow with your topical skincare products of choice.

Read our blog on what skincare products go best with LED light therapy by clicking here.

Q-Rejuvalight Pro Facewear comes with one (1) year warranty covering any manufacturer related problems resulting from everyday use of the product. However, this device is designed to last a lifetime! Proudly designed in Australia.

Every Q-Rejuvalight Pro comes with a universal USB-C charging cable. Simply plug the cable into any regular USB charger to charge your mask!There won’t be any difference between countries, and voltage won’t be changed so you can get the maximum power where ever you are.Charging takes about 2-4 hours and gives you approximately 8 to 10 full treatment sessions.

Every Q-Rejuvalight Pro comes with:- LED Mask – Adjustable, detachable head strap – USB charging cord- Storage bag

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