Dr Pen M8s micro needling device is one of the newest devices on the market. Its sleek re-imagined design is a great choice for people looking for an easy to use and effective device. Dr Pen M8s creates tiny micro-injuries on the skin that the body repairs with additional collagen, promoting increased cell regrowth, skin regeneration, and hair growth. When paired with facial serum, it can provide even better results, as the serum helps to boost the absorption of microcurrent energy. Dr Pen M8s micro needling device can improve skin elasticity, reduce wrinkles and fine lines, and create a more youthful appearance

  • A brand new microneedling pen for 2023 with the latest technology and enhanced needle stability.
  • Increased absorption of facial skin care products to over 400%
  • Improve skin tone and skin texture with regular use add one of our selected serums.
  • Improved ECO packaging

Device Information for Dr Pen M8s

  • Rechargeable Battery
  • 6 LED digital speed control
  • Adjustable depth 0-2.5 mm
  • Low battery warningg
  • 3 Lock Connector for needle cartridges to ensure optimum use and stability
  • We stock a variety of Dr Pen M8s
  • Cartridges From 12 pins to nano needle cartridges These cartridges also feature a backflow protection membrane.
  • Dual powered – use with plug-in adapter and 2 metre cord, or wirelessly

What’s in the box?